NameKento Zenihiro
Born in1982
Academic backgroundM.A. in Archaeology (Waseda University)
Academic achievements[Book]
Zenihiro, K. (2009). The Complete Funerary Cones. Self-published in English. ISBN: 9784896302462.

Zenihiro, K. (2003). The short history of publications on Egyptology in Japan: -Before World War II-.The Journal of Egyptian Studies, 11, 65-68. (In Japanese)
(2006). Descent in Deir el-Medina: -considered from the inherited names-. The Journal of Egyptian Studies, 14, 77-81.(In Japanese)
(2007). On the New Kindom Egyptian titles. Soko, 25, 59-71. (In Japanese)
(2008). A study for the social status of the New Kingdom Egypt. Shikan, 158, 138-139. (In Japanese)
(2009). Functions of Funerary Cones Reconsidered. Oriento, 52-2, 108-124. (in Japanese with English summary)
(2012). Macadam's collection in The Sudan Library. Newsletter (of The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities), 2012-2, 1-3. (in English)

19th Nov. 2009.'Funerary Cones and the New Kingdom Hierarchy' at Het Nederlands-Vlaams Instituut in Cairo.
5th Dec. 2009.The same topic as above at the Mummification Museum in Luxor.

[Conference presentations]
11th Oct. 2009.'Functions of funerary cones reconsidered -from the chronological perspectives-' delivered at Doshisha University, Kyoto.
7th Nov. 2010.'The comparison of the social status using funerary cones' delivered at Kokushikan University, Tokyo.
4th Nov. 2011.'Macadam's Collection in the Sudan Library' delivered at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.
27th Oct. 2013.'The relationship between funerary cones and stamped bricks' delivered at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto.
29th Aug. 2015.'The career of Nakhtmin (TT 87) as revealed by his funerary cones' delivered at the International Congress of Egyptologists XI, Florence, Italy.
Archaeological field work
Aug. - Sep. 2006. Fifteenth Season of the Excavation for the Abusir-Saqqara Project, Egypt (Waseda University)
Dec. 2006 - Jan 2007. Digital archive project at the tomb of Amenhotep III (KV22) (Waseda University)
Researches in the Museums and institutions
Sep. 2007  The British Museum, London
 The Griffith Institute, Oxford
Oct. 2007  The Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan, Tokyo
Dec. 2008  Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung, Berlin
 Göttingen University, Göttingen
Jan. 2009  Ancient Egyptian Museum, Tokyo
Apr. 2010  Hikaru Memorial Museum, Takayama
Sep. 2010  INAX TILE MUSEUM, Tokoname
Nov. 2010  The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Cairo
Apr.-May 2011  Sudan Library, Khartoum
Nov. 2011  Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
Nov. 2012  University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia.
Nov. 2012  Brooklyn Museum, New York.
Apr.-May 2015  The Griffith Institute, Oxford.
Nov. 2011  Steven J. Larkman Travel Award, granted by the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (SSEA).
Others [Magazine article]
Nov. 2010  The Great Sphinx and the Last Samurai, Luxor Times, vol. 6.
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